11. February 2013, 23:24 Uhr

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scnclrBleep009: Video for Cavalerra feat. Joaquin / Broque

A new production and the first one for 2013. Strangeness and optimism – let’s make this 2013 a good one! The music comes again from the very best german Netlabel Broque!

1. October 2012, 01:03 Uhr

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scnclrBleep008: Video for Pool Reverse

A September with perfect weather, a golden October following. Music “Microessence” by Pool Reverse, released on Rithmus netlabel. Video for the scnclrBleep-series.

1. October 2012, 00:57 Uhr

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scnclrBleep007: Video for Ender – Vibe

New video for the scnclrBleep-series: This video is dedicated to all Robotologists and robot lover all over the world. Enjoy this soulful tune from Ender! The music is available at Zardonic Records [ZRD025LP].

30. December 2011, 17:53 Uhr

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scnclrBleep006: Video for Alessandro Crimi – Alaska (Granlab Remix)

Video for the scnclrBleep-series: visuals for Creative Commons music on YouTube. It’s for the track Alaska from Alessandro Crimi in the Granlab remix. Instant bliss and relaxing pleasure!

The music is available on the Broque netlabel.

30. December 2011, 17:50 Uhr

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scnclrBleep005: Video for Hakan Lidbo – Foglossning (Tim Susa remix)

Another video for the scnclrBleep-series: visuals for Creative Commons music on YouTube. It’s for the track Foglossning from Hakan Lidbo in the Tim Susa remix. The music is available on the Broque netlabel.

2. December 2011, 01:12 Uhr

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scnclrBleep004: Video for Renzu – Saber Marionette R-X (Robogirl in Love EP)

The next video for the scnclrBleep-series. Made the silent artwork and the video, music once again by great artist Renzu. From the concept EP Robogirl in Love. Creative Commons licensed. Get it fresh!

29. November 2011, 23:10 Uhr

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scnclrBleep003: Renzu – Fox Fire (Musica Vermella 014) [MV014]

A video for the series scnclrBleep. It features a YouTube-account, great creative commons music and quickly made videos. This one uses creative commons music by Renzu and artwork by scnclr. Enjoy the artwork and the music!

3. June 2010, 01:57 Uhr

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Cologne Commons Contribution

I am surrounded by C’s. Since several years now, but this is another story. scnclr contributed to the very official flyer/artwork of the second Cologne Commons conference/festival, held in cologne. The artwork itself was done by lovely Jeanette Corneille – we all love this work. The feedback upon the artwork was absolutely positive so far. Maybe the pixels (in the picture marked with a blue circle) made a difference as well? The blue marked pixels are the contribution from scnclr.

Oh well. Nothing more to say. Except: Come to Cologne and visit the party: 10. – 12. 6. 2010. CU there!

20. April 2010, 16:06 Uhr

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Cologne-Commons Compilation Artwork


Hey all, I made a compilation and the complete artworks for the Cologne Commons Compilation 04. I’ll add some graphic later this week.

Update: And here they are..