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Works and exhibitions


– Preparing an exclusive iPad-app with digital artworks [ongoing…]
– Projection-Mapping (as Nodepond) at the Passagen2013, Cologne. I also develop the software to do the mappings, called Sentinel. [Januar 2013]


Smaller Projection-Mapping (as Nodepond) at the DIYDA / Plan12, Cologne. More Info available at the Nodepond-Site. [October 2012]
Video-Mapping (as Nodepond) at Evoke 2012 Demoscene-Party, Cologne. [August 2012]
scnclrBleep – Artwork-videos to Creative-Commons music, uploaded to YouTube, 2012-series. [2012]


– Co-Founding and substantial parts of the game design at City Hero (a social networking tool meets game design app on iPhone, keyword Gamification) [2010 – 2011]
– Works at Zur alten Schule-Party, Cologne. Also check [1.4.2011]


– BGE-Bot. A twitter-bot that retweets everything about the BGE (Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen). Follow at @bgebot [7. November 2010]
– Exhibit and Videoinstallation at Journey to the End of the Night Afterparty / FeD e.V. [October 2010]
– Compilation and Cover-Artwork for the free music sampler of the Cologne Commons Conference and Festival [2010]
Pixel-Portaits for Cologne Techno-Artist Mango Aioli [2010]


– Various works / exhibitions at the Netlabelnights party-series in Düsseldorf [2009]
– Pixelworks-exhibition at the Cologne Commons Lounge (as part of the Lange Nacht der Museen Cologne) [7. November 2009]
– Pixelworks-exhibition at the Journey to the end of the night, Aachen [2009]
scnclr-X, casual game, flash/flex [2009]


– Coverartwork for Boring Music Vol.V (RUBored / 12rec) [2008] Uploaded to Mixcloud in late [2010]
– BLD, genre-crossover study, gamemaker [2008, unreleased]


The secret life of snowflakes, gamemaker [2007, Yoyogames winter competition]
Smoove PSP, homebrew pixeleditor for the Sony PSP, lua [2006, online, was covered in the Sceen Magazine No.1]
Le fonque vol, experimental music shooter for an art / research exhibition, flash [2005, exhibit and online]
Andy Warhols factory, study art-game / self-written iso-pixelengine and pixelartwork, made during studies, C++ [2005]
– Perpetual Space Invaders, space-invaders gameplay study, flash [2004, unreleased]
– Organic Float Invaders, gameplay and weapon study, processing [2004, unreleased]

SCNCLR is about coloring the world.

SCNCLR is also a keyboard-instruction on the Commodore 16 Homecomputer that clears the screen.

This website basically stared as a research-project to figure out, what marvellous wonders you can do on only 16×16 pixels and three astounding main colors.

Now is the digital outlet of the artistic visual explorations from Martin Wisniowski.

SCNCLR uses the HiScore-Pixeleditor for iPhone / iPod Touch.