11. February 2013, 23:24 Uhr

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scnclrBleep009: Video for Cavalerra feat. Joaquin / Broque

A new production and the first one for 2013. Strangeness and optimism – let’s make this 2013 a good one! The music comes again from the very best german Netlabel Broque!

1. October 2012, 01:03 Uhr

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scnclrBleep008: Video for Pool Reverse

A September with perfect weather, a golden October following. Music “Microessence” by Pool Reverse, released on Rithmus netlabel. Video for the scnclrBleep-series.

1. October 2012, 00:57 Uhr

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scnclrBleep007: Video for Ender – Vibe

New video for the scnclrBleep-series: This video is dedicated to all Robotologists and robot lover all over the world. Enjoy this soulful tune from Ender! The music is available at Zardonic Records [ZRD025LP].

17. January 2012, 02:13 Uhr

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scnclrBleep-Videos at Elmur.net

elmur-scnclr-screen techno video

Two scnclrBleep-Videos are available at Elmur.net. Elmur is an open video-collaboration-platform, that enables public video-screenings around the world. Everyone is invited to host a screening event, where he or she can show whatever is available in the Elmur-videopool – trying to establish a new global positive perspective on sharing, caring and art. If you wish to support scnclrBleep and the technoid aesthetic and idea behind it – vote or comment over at Elmur: Video1 and Video2. You best watch it fullscreen.

Thanks a lot and maybe seeing you at one of the next public screenings!

30. December 2011, 17:53 Uhr

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scnclrBleep006: Video for Alessandro Crimi – Alaska (Granlab Remix)

Video for the scnclrBleep-series: visuals for Creative Commons music on YouTube. It’s for the track Alaska from Alessandro Crimi in the Granlab remix. Instant bliss and relaxing pleasure!

The music is available on the Broque netlabel.

30. December 2011, 17:50 Uhr

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scnclrBleep005: Video for Hakan Lidbo – Foglossning (Tim Susa remix)

Another video for the scnclrBleep-series: visuals for Creative Commons music on YouTube. It’s for the track Foglossning from Hakan Lidbo in the Tim Susa remix. The music is available on the Broque netlabel.

6. August 2011, 22:12 Uhr

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Juicy Stones with Moss

juicy stones with moss

6. August 2011, 22:01 Uhr

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Vibrant Triangles

scnclr vibrant triangles

Listen to music like this: Fluxion – Vibrant Forms

6. August 2011, 21:56 Uhr

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Constructive Skepticism

scnclr constructive skepticism

3. June 2011, 13:53 Uhr

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Future Flowers

This work is older: made it in early 2010. This are not only Flowers, but “Future” Flowers, because it reminds me on the brilliant game Fantasy Zone / Sega Master System.