12. January 2011, 01:42 Uhr

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A Robot

22. December 2010, 17:52 Uhr

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Boring Music 5 back online

In 2008 I made the artwork for the Volume 5 of the “Boring Music” series. Today Sven Swift uploaded the material to mixcloud, after the release was offline for several months.

10. November 2010, 17:02 Uhr

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Green People

7. November 2010, 20:24 Uhr

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Today I finished a really spontaneous works, my third softwarebot. I begin to love this cute little helpers. The work from today is a twitter-bot, that retweets everything, that is connected to “BGE”, “Grundeinkommmen”, “Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen”. It is therefore not only a software bot, but also political activism that is cute and fun at the same time.

Just follow @bgebot to get all recent news on the BGE right to your twitter-account. Freiheit. Gleichheit. Grundeinkommen. More links: Netzwerk Grundeinkommen, Unternimm-das-Jetzt, BGE Bebildern, Susanne Wiest.

UPDATE (Jan 2012): With the massive help of with @jorges (website) we made an update of the BGE-bot. He is now able to make *real* retweets (not only twitter-posts with RT @…) and to completely filter out non-german tweets. Thanks for the help, Jorges!

25. October 2010, 14:08 Uhr

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I choose the name, because of the sound of the word. But there is also a very cool project from Japan, called Pikapika. Check it out!

14. October 2010, 01:25 Uhr

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Monkey Harddisk

There are so many works on my harddisk where I feel that the web isn’t the appropriate place for them.

21. June 2010, 11:45 Uhr

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(cc) 2010 BY-NC scnclr.de

20. June 2010, 18:14 Uhr

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Wise looking Stinkewanze

(cc) 2010 BY-SA scnclr.de

Becoming obsessed with pixels again.

18. June 2010, 18:14 Uhr

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(cc) 2010 BY-NC scnclr.de

(cc) 2010 BY-NC scnclr.de

If I look at some of my more recent works, it seems, that pop slowly begins to vanish, opening rooms for more and more archaic.

18. June 2010, 18:02 Uhr

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Made on a slow train, in early spring.

(cc) 2010 BY-NC scnclr.de