6. August 2011, 21:56 Uhr

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Constructive Skepticism

scnclr constructive skepticism

3. June 2011, 13:53 Uhr

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Future Flowers

This work is older: made it in early 2010. This are not only Flowers, but “Future” Flowers, because it reminds me on the brilliant game Fantasy Zone / Sega Master System.

3. June 2011, 13:37 Uhr

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scnclr muro 001

Click the picture to enlarge. I like the relaxed atmosphere, just like modern paintings from the 20th century have.

3. June 2011, 13:35 Uhr

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Desktop Smash

scnclr desktop-smash

Click the picture to enlage. I had to think of Norm, when I finished this piece.

17. April 2011, 23:51 Uhr

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Juicy Forms

Juicy Forms

17. April 2011, 23:43 Uhr

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Two Random Works

scnclr Random 001

scnclr Random 002

23. March 2011, 00:13 Uhr

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Some small artworks

I am currently testing and developing the Smoove-Pixeleditor for iPhone / iPod Touch (@nodepond). As a by-product many, many cool small artworks appear. Here I share some with you…

20. March 2011, 20:12 Uhr

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Exhibition: Zur alten Schule

On the 1st April 2011 I will show some recent and some older works at the party “Zur alten Schule” in Cologne. More infos at reboot-network. @rebootnetwork

8. March 2011, 13:57 Uhr

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Sleep Waking Girl

25. February 2011, 01:19 Uhr

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Buttelfly Form

A complete spontaneous artwork. The figure can be rotated for interesting variations. Here are shown 2 variants.